. Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Once again kakak Efa is gonna stay wif us for one whole week.. and i am so happie bout' it.
But stil she will still work frm day to night.
So I can't lay wif her for the week. It is really bored at home.But still i can talk to her play tricks on her and have fun together at night.
SO all i have to play during kakak Efa is gone to work Gonna play com..and sometimes play wif habriya and batrisyia...They are my only small sisters.. i really do love them as they arethe best sisters i the whole world...
Frm now on,kakak Efa will not be able to take us to the mama shop anymore cause she is working. Last night , me and batrisyia wanted to trick kakak Efa so we hid at the back of the chair.. while we were hiding, kakak Efa was in the toilet doing her business.. actually it was a really a big one we laughed silently to our heart and we were siling all the way.when the door was opened , kakak Efa didn't saw us and just walked and we suddenly jump out and said "BOO!"she was so frightened and ssaid "astaraughfirulla halazim" and then told my father about us he asked us to go to sleep.we were so happie tht we laughed and laughed and laughed... so then i was tired of
laughing and i started goin to sleep.. the next morning i woke up tht it is nw... i woke up at 12 or 11.. then now i hve gtg.. bb..... :D

. Thursday, September 16, 2010
U-kiss are the best they are all so hot! the hottest is Eli and Soohyun....You all could imagine how it is like to have a korean boyfriend....oh soohyun you are the most hottest...then alexander hahahaaha Nadhirah i beat you that hahahah loser alexander hahahah k where was i oh yeah so plzzzz comment i wish you guys could k?! k btw exam are right at the corner so you all should study and i asl so hahahaha lolz....write again bye!!!!

. Thursday, December 3, 2009
I love my couzin,kakak efa.... she the best!! but i don't want her to leave me. she makes my life more easier. She is the best couzin i have ever had!!!! I luv her very much!! But she had to leave me and go to her beloved mother and stay with her for ore than a day i think? but i don't want her to leave me!!!! i really realy realy luv her!!!! but i had to just do it and let her go to her mothers hse!!! I luv you kakak efa!!!!!!! I luv you!!!

Hey, Kakak Mia here! Helping Amira with her blog. K, im out.

love, Mia.

. Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Noooo..................... The exams is around the corner but i am lazy to study!!! I don't like my SA2 papers!!! I hate exams..........

. Sunday, September 27, 2009
I had a fun day doing this month of hari raya. Today i went to my fathers auntie house then i saw my form teacher, Mr Hafiiz. Actually my form teacher is my cousin.
Then i went to my father friend house , Mr Osman. After i went to my fathers friend house, i went to my father other friends house.He was actually very kind and sweet.
Then my father promise my uncle, Uncle Rafi. Then now i am playing the computer and she ask me to log off . So now i am going too. Good night and good bye!

. Monday, June 22, 2009
Today i went to Changi Airport(Terminal 3). I went there because i am going to fetch my grandma.When my grandma came out from the departure, i was mom and my aunt cry when they saw my grandma.when they stop crying ,My sister and i gave my gradma a kiss,a hug and a present for my dearest GRANDMA!! Iwill alway's love my grandma!!!!!!!!!!


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